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It is easy  to maintain a good body when you are younger and not think about exercise. When I was a young woman as in the picture above at 18,  I never really thought about fitness and health. I was naturally thin and didn’t think  about it until I met my husband.

He was studying to be a pharmacist at the time and was very involved in health and fitness, He had a fantastic physique and  was  into professional body building. He entered many contests and won  them too. Once he became qualified as a pharmacist he developed his own line of vitamins and had his own pharmacy.At the age of 25 he opened a  health clinic  in a five star hotel where he worked with and trained many well known celebrities.

He was my biggest inspiration and made sure I understood the importance of exercising through my entire life so that I could be here for my kids and grandchildren in the most healthy way possible.

His philosophy was start young and you will reap the benefit when you are a senior. And so as a fitness adviser for many years working alongside my husband and helping people on the right track, I’d like to tell you a few things which might make a difference to your life. I am now 75 years old and my  motto is health is wealth. My main goal in my life was and is always to keep fit and healthy through diet and exercise. I am so glad that I took that path because not only have I been able to keep fit and supple, I have managed to overcome many problems that happen to all of us no matter what we do. Having a positive outlook helps.
When I  began to suffer from a rotator cuff tendonitis and was not able to raise my arm or lift any weight at all, doctors told me I would need to have disc replacement surgery on my neck to correct this if I ever wanted to do any of the normal movements I could do before. However, because of my background I decided to begin my own remedial exercises, I also got advice from a physiotherapist and with much perseverance and I emphasize perseverence which took months of hard work, I  managed to get back to normalThen I  had problems with  my sciatic nerve and once again began a remedial exercise program and with lots of work I got back to normal and am now free of pain.

With the knowledge that I have over the years I know without a doubt that weight training is very important.
Cardio and stretching are important too but weight training strengthens your muscles so that when your bones get weaker in old age at least your muscles are there to give you support.

I myself exercise 4 times a week at the gym and do cardio training for 30 minutes and weights and stretching for another 30 minutes. I feel great after my workouts and if I am stressed this really helps to get rid of the stress.If you decide to take this path it is advisable to ask a trainer to map out an exercise program for you so you can start slowly and build up your strength. Nothing happens overnight, it should be a way of life to stay fit and healthy. Remember that what you eat is just as important as exercise.Please do not go exercise without an instructor and doctor on board. I have had this understanding my whole life,  and have made exercise and diet a part of it. This article is really for the youngest population to take heed and advice
for the future. My advice to all of you is that it is never too late to start exercising and doing light weights.

It pays off really well. Of course It is much easier to sit around , watch TV and relax and be sedentary but just remember that whatever effort you put in to working your body and being aware that movement is so important you will reap the benefits and will be well rewarded healthwise

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Get pleasure from your time and efforts!

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