Ford 5.4 Spark Plug Warning!

At the start I, Francisco at Franciscos Auto Repair, want everyone to know I like Ford vehicles. FORD Repair Huntington Beach is Francisco’s Auto Repair in Huntington Beach! I have owned them and have worked on them for many years. A problem has come up that can be very costly to consumers if no proactive measures are taken. Here is the warning I give to anyone with a 2004 and newer Ford vehicle with Triton 5.4 engine. Get your spark plugs replaced way before the recommended mileage shown in the maintenance manual.

The horror stories about these spark plugs have generated a number of sites complaining about Ford’s repsonse – see more information about this at consumer affairs, or

While the complaints are well documented, the NHTSA does not agree with consumers and says that the spark plugs do not present a hazard and Ford is not liable to recall the engines in question. While Ford says it is not liable, it has issued a repair bulletin that requires a mechanic to purchase a special tool to remove the spark plug.

For some reason, the manufacturer is using a new style spark plug; a two piece plug! I am sure there is some reason for it, but it does not matter. When left in the engine for the recommended time frame, there is a strong possibility of only being able to remove one half of the plug. The second part will be seized the head. This second part will need to be broken out, tapped and extracted. Unfortunately this leads to a big expense to remove the broken half safely. In some cases the cylinder head or the engine may have to be removed to properly perform the repair.

My advice is to have the spark plugs removed and replaced at 30,000 miles to avoid a huge expense down the road. Many shops now will refuse to replace the plugs because of this problem. If you drive one of these Ford 5.4 Triton powered vehicles, check your service records and consult with your mechanic now. Hopefully, Ford will develop a new style spark plug to eliminate this occurring in the future.

If you have any concerns and wish to discuss this with me, feel free to call the number on my web site –  We specialize in Ford Repairs in Huntington Beach!

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