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If you own an RV, a motor home, or a boat, then you have to find a suitable storage facility in order to protect it.  It is easy to find an RV storage facility in Orange County today because there are many companies offering this kind of service.  However, choosing a storage facility with the best amenities is another matter.  Very few companies can offer excellent amenities for the owners of the vehicles.  If you are looking for RV storage in OrangeCounty, then look for a company that can offer free amenities.


First of all, look for an RV storage company that provides free use of wash bay area.  In most storage facilities, you may have to pay for this type of service which is an added cost for you.  Remember that you can find RV storage in OrangeCounty that offer free use of wash bay.  For example, the Mc Bride’s RV Storage has this kind of service.  With a free wash area, there is no need for you to look for a special car wash outlet that accommodates RV homes and big vehicles.  It is also best if the wash area of the storage facility has elevated catwalks so you can clean difficult to reach areas of your RV.  Most important of all, the wash area of the storage company should provide modern cleaning equipments and powerful hoses to make your job easier.


Aside from free wash areas, the RV storage facility should also offer free dump station.  In the past, you will be forced to look for a public dump to clean your RV’s tanks.  This is inconvenient, costly, and takes a lot of effort.  But if the RV storage in OrangeCounty can provide free use of dump stations, you will not only save money but also enjoy great convenience.  The dump station should be sanitary and easy to use.  The storage facility should also offer consumables in the station like tank chemical cleaners, toilet papers and other bathroom consumables.  Of course, you have to pay for these consumables but if they are available within the facility, then there is no reason why shouldn’t be thankful.


Lastly, choose RV storage in OrangeCounty that offers free use of air compressors.  With this type of service, there is no need for you to go to the gas stations to use the air compressors.  This value-added amenity is very convenient and comes free if you use the facilities of Mc Bride’s RV and Boat storage.  To sweeten the deal, Mc Bride also provides free ice for all customers.  The free ice is included whenever you store or park your RV.  This service is useful if you are on a hurry for a trip.  It also gives you a good deal of savings because you can fill up your ice chest without paying for anything.  So the next time you look for storage solution for your RV, boat or motor home, you have to select a company that can provide free amenities for customers.

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